Scatter Symbol in Slots and its Role

How slot machines work – and why you should think twice before playing them

Bonus features in slot machines keep players entertained and interested. One of these bonus symbols is referred to by the name of scatter symbol. They are present in classic slots , but they are the most frequently recognized in online slot machines at Wizardslots..

What are scatter symbol?

Scatter symbols within game of slots on the internet games are the symbols that could appear anyplace, but the win line is still a winner for the player. In slot games, typically most wins are won when identical symbols appear on a specific winning line. However, winning in slot games with the scatter symbol could be claimed whenever the symbols appear. Based on the different slot games, a distinct number of symbols will be required to win regardless of when they occur.

When did scatter symbolism initially were introduced?

As mentioned previously the scatter symbol was introduced when slot machines were first introduced in 1894. The first scatter symbol that appeared on the very first slot machines was red cherries. They were included to provide an extra feature in the game. Cherries weren’t shackled by any limitations that other symbols are governed by. The cherries could appear at random on reels in order to give players to win a small amount. The winnings were generally small, however they were able to increase with more scatters appearing in one spin. In fact, the wins were paid out with the winnings. The first slot machines required one scatter symbol to appear on the reels to win an unimportant win. Although many slot machines employ three or more symbols to trigger functions, some do give players a chance to win on both single and double scatters.

Are scattered symbols used in the majority of websites?

Scatter symbols are a frequent element of slot machines. They are very often. If a player starts playing a slot, that has a scatter, if it is included appears on the screenor machine. But, every slot game is unique and the way that scatter symbols function varies.


It’s always smart to verify the Paytable prior to you play the game This is because you know the potentials of the game, as well as any additional features, such as scatter and wild icons, no-cost spins bonus symbols, jackpot opportunities and more. Additionally, you will get a better understanding of how they work independently and effective variations and how they trigger rewards features.

Slot machines

With the introduction of several new video slot machines with five or seven reels, some of which offer hundreds of pay lines in just one spinning, scatter feature has moved on from these old machines. The scatters in video slots are typically illustrated as animations, and then spring to life when players appear on the reels. The majority of slots today feature video streaming and effects. If three scatters appear and lead to a bonus feature It’s not unusual to see short videos and images that guide players into the game.

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