Celebs from High-risk From Hackers

Finally week’s Sunday lunch while discussing my recent post on Sarah Palin’s email hack, a buddy asked me how vulnerable celebrities were to being hacked. It absolutely was quite coincidental that few hours later the face area book account of the French President Nicholas Sarkozy was hacked into and posted with the message “Dear compatriots, given the exceptional circumstances our country is experiencing, I have decided within my spirit and conscience not to run for office again at the end of my mandate in 2012.” This is not the first successful hacking attempt against the President of France. In 2008, President Sarkozy filed a complaint with the police following withdrawals of “small levels of money” from his personal Parisian bank account. It’s alleged that the cash was used to set up mobile phone subscriptions. Interestingly the President was a victim of a large Phishing attack, presumable a phony email linking to a fraudulent bank site where he entered his bank-account and password, and not specifically targeted.

Celebrities all over the world are specifically targeted due to their status, riches and fanaticisms of an element of fans. Beside compromised гидра онион email, twitter, face book accounts they’re vulnerable to cybersquating (where their domain name is bought out by another individual) and malicious attachments in fan mail. In a few cases celebrity accounts have now been hacked through back end systems of social networks.

Celebrity’s lives are open books with a significant number of detail about personal life and sexual preferences. This detail helps it be easier for a hacker to guess passwords, answers to secret questions or send a credential stealing malware.

When a celebrity account is hacked the normal reward for returning your website to the first owner carries a demand for money, sex or nude pictures.

Recommendation for Celebrities

Celebrities who use social networking like Twitter and Facebook to interact with fans, in many cases hire media firms to control these accounts. It is important to ensure that the media firms who employ teams with use of the celebrity’s account and personal information protect its confidentiality through the use of security best practices

For celebrities who manage their very own social networking, it is important to recognize the heightened risk and ensure passwords useful for online accounts are strong (certainly not the name of one’s pet dog as a solution to your secret question) and to follow along with safe principles while downloading Internet content or attachments in fan email. I would recommend the use of a separate desktop solely for updating social network sites and another for fan mail and Internet downloads.

Recommendation for Individuals

Fake celebrity sites are plentiful on the Internet. In times of a significant celebrity event such as the death of Michael Jackson security experts observe a spike in fake sites with celebrity news and content made to attract users with the only real intent behind infecting user desktops with malicious content to send spam or steal credentials. It’s preferable to learn celebrity news on reputed sites and restrict opening attachments in chain mails or downloading from unknown websites. Attachments range between wall papers to presentation.

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